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   In order to ensure the rights of the participants of this competition and fairness and authenticity, please fill out the registration form, the contents of the entry form will be used as an important basis for the players’ finalists who will be in touch with our commissioner to conduct information and check confirmation. (Sponsors promised to keep privacy completely confidential)

· Application Deadline: May 10, 2015
· The final will be held at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston USA between August 14-17,2015.
· Contestants can register through the homepage and fill out correct and effective personal information, registrations will become official once got approved;

Dress code for all participants:
Male: Shirts, suits, performing dress
Female: performing dress

Final explanation belongs to Namei International Music Festival. All applicants once finish uploading all required materials; it will show that you are agree with all the rules of competition.

The Committee of Namei International Music Festival reserves the possibility of giving other individual awards and final explanation of the music competition.

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